Samemo Investment Company Limited is a specialist car rental agency located in to Tanzanite tower. We offer short term and long term as well as long term car renting. We offer car rental services to a variety of customers ranging from tourists, business companies, organizations, and institutions undertaking their daily activities in Tanzania.

All our vehicle are latest models in their segments ensuring safely and comfort at all times. In the unlikely event of delayed service due to a technical snag, we immediately deploy our backup system, guaranteeing that our clients/customers/end users never face an inconvenience. Our drivers are all equipped with phones, keeping our drivers in constant contact allows us to monitor their efficiency in upholding our customers or clients consistently and reliably.

As part of this services that we are proud of, we maintain our vehicles immaculate condition and assure they are always of the best breed and models. As a valued potential customer, we would like to offer our exceedingly to quality service to you.