Historical Sites

in Tanzania provide a clear insight into the past and help us learn about human history dated 2 million years back
Tanzania Historical Sites are marvels of engineering also give us a clear picture on how our ancient cultures were, with such “primitive” tools, manage to make things like Stonehenge or the rock paintings which they made purposely for their survival. All this portrait their skill and desire. For those interested in history and culture travel to Tanzania below is the list of different historical sites they can visit.
Historical places gives people, a clear picture of our ancient cultures, primitive working tools like Stone tools, and our ancestors art work. You will find a good example of the ancient art at the Rock Paintings of Kondoa Irangi Tanzania, others are Apart from the famous Kondoa Irangi rock paintings, Tanzania has other attracting historians as well as other visitors historical places. These include; Kaole ruins, Ismail Stone Age site, Engaruka ruins, Mikindani, Ngorongoro Conservation area, and many other sites within the country. The government of Tanzania is doing all it can to preserve and promote these sites for sustainable use.

Cultural Tours

Cultural tours are a popular product in Tanzania that is mostly sold as an add-on to enrich main safari tour programs. Most visitors to Tanzania, especially first-timers, find the continent and its people enchantingly different and a special experience. Samemo Tours appreciate this fact and endeavor to include visits to the local communities to give our guests the opportunity to see first-hand the way of life in a typical Tanzanian village. Besides enriching itineraries and adding quality to the tours offered in Tanzania, the cultural tours are generating direct income to the local communities that are being visited, contributing to their development. Thus by visiting the cultural sites the guests would be giving support to community health, water supply, primary education and many other social and economic projects carried out at the village level as well as reforestation and protection of the environment.

Day tour Marangu Cultural Tour

Immerse yourself in the history Marangu and its people. Marangu, at the lower slopes of Kilimanjaro, is a small town with a great amount of history and ancient traditions. Get carried away by the Chagga tribe, unique rainforest landscape, and coffee growing insides. This full-day tour has it all: action, tradition and culinary

3 Days Kondoa Rock Paints

Lunch at Babati and depart for a half-day tour: You visit Managhat village, the original home of the Gorowa tribe but now also a home for migrants. You will see dairy farming activities, farming with ox plow, biogas system,

6 Days Culture Tour

You will live like a Maasai for one whole day in your life, go for goat and cow milking experience in one of the Maasai settlement near to the lodge. After a late brunch man will collect healing plants, slaughter a goat and prepare the goat on the fireplace.

5 Days Dar es Salaam Bagamoyo

Bagamoyo Tanzania, is a town founded at the end of the 18th century. It was (also spelled Bagamoyo) the original capital of German East Africa and was one of the most important trading ports along the East African coast. Apart from being a slave and ivory port, Bagamoyo was also a former capital of Tanganyika where famous explorers such as Burton, Speke, Stanley and Livingstone once passed.

5 Days Gateway to Kilwa Ruins

Kilwa – meaning ‘Place of Fish’ – is the collective name given to three Different areas on the Tanzanian coast: Kilwa Kisiwani, Kilwa Kivinje and Kilwa Masoko. Visitors come here to explore UNESCO-listed ruins that tell the story of centuries of coastal history.

 3 Days Iringa, Ismila Stone Age site

Isimila Stone Age Site features ancient tools dating back 60,000 to 100,000 years as well as small canyons, eroded pillars, and a small picnic area. Start the tour in a museum on site, where you can see all the fossils and tools that have been unearthed.

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