Tanzania crowned by the tallest free-standing volcano in the world and almost bisected by chains of ancient mountain ranges, hiking takes on a high profile. Stunning scenery and rugged terrain combine with a fascinating cultural backdrop to create several challenging and adventurous routes.

Various trekking routes offer hiking fun for everyone, for every level of fitness and experience. Usambara Mountains, Udzungwa Mountains, the highlands of Ngorongoro on this places you will experience the nature and of Tanzania and its people.

Popular Itineraries for Trekking

Marangu Day Trekking

Our Marangu day trip has it all: culture, cuisine, caves and plenty of lively conversation. You’ll even take a dip in a waterfall or two, so bring your cozzie.

5 Days Ngorongoro highland trekking tour

Close to the Ngorongoro Crater there are Olmoti and Empakaai Craters, less famous and less visited, but very interesting for a Walking Safaris off the beaten track. Both craters offer you the rare sense of pure solitude and peace, found only in remote, pristine places.

6 Days Hiking Usambara Mountains (Lushoto)

Situated in the north-east of Tanzania. With their wide vistas, cool climate, winding paths and picturesque villages, the Usambaras are one of Tanzanian's highlights.

9 Days Classic Camping Ngorongoro Highlands Trekking

This tour is for those who like to get out walking and be immersed in nature. You will hike through grassy plains and the mountainous countryside as well as thick mountain forest and the Savannah landscape of the Rift Valley.

5 Days Hiking Usambara Mountains (Lushoto)

A 5 days’ visit Usambara you will enjoy its nature, relax and hike. The main centre for visitors in the Western Usambaras is Lushoto town.

3 DAYS, Uluguru and Udzungwa Hiking

Morogoro contain some of the oldest original forest in Africa, and while it is much depleted these days, the range is green and scenic, and offers enjoyable hiking.

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